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How to match the automatic punching machine, 2020 Shuoer automatic punching machine manufacturer will answer for you

Sep,23,2020 << Return list

    Fully automatic punching machine is a very popular punching machine in the punching machine industry. Fully automatic punching machine is a combination of punching machine and automatic equipment around the punching machine to achieve a fully automatic punching machine. Such production speed is fast and labor cost is saved. Value that can create value for the enterprise. Here, the editor of Shuoer punching machine will introduce to you a match and configuration of automatic punching machine.

  Automatic punching machine

    1. Matching of automatic punching machine
    Fully automatic stamping machines are particularly popular in every stamping manufacturer, because they can bring huge profits to many stamping manufacturers. Generally, automatic stamping machines are equipped with stamping machine automation equipment. There are many types of stamping machine automation equipment. It should be matched according to the needs of your products, and the requirements for fully automatic stamping machines are also different. The lower the stroke, the faster the speed. For some products with higher size, the stroke of the fully automatic stamping machine is relatively high, and the speed of the fully automatic stamping machine is a little slower. Some products are in the form of flakes, and the fully automatic punching machine can produce at high speed, and the output in one day is amazing.

Automatic punching machine

    2. Configuration of automatic punching machine
    The matching of the automatic punching machine is not a casual thing, it needs to be determined according to the product demand. Generally, the feeder matched with the automatic punching machine is also different. The fastest one is the clip feeder, which is used for high-speed production. , And then there is a high-speed roller feeder, this is the simplest and fastest feeder. There are also die-cutting feeders, NC servo feeders, etc. There are many options for automatic punching machines. The key is to look at the needs of the products you produce.

Automatic punching machine

    Choosing a fully automatic stamping machine depends on the needs of your products, not necessarily the best one. You must choose the one that suits you, so that you can get greater benefits. The manufacturer of the Shuoer stamping machine will match the best for the customer's product needs. solution.