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    Shenzhen Shuo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is an international precision stamping machine manufacturing enterprise, with more than 15 years of cooperation experience with many well-known enterprises.With advanced technical equipment and management experience, it has been keeping the leading position in the precision punch industry.Specializing in the production of 3 tons of small table press to 1000 tons of energy-saving variable frequency precision press and high-speed press, stable product performance, complete models, we are committed to provide you with customized products and services, to always meet customer needs as the goal, continue to provide professional solutions in various industries.

    The company has more than 30 kinds of punching machines and surrounding products, which can fully meet your one-stop purchase of stamping equipment.More than 30 service outlets throughout the country, ready to provide you with the fastest and most intimate services.

    The world's leading manufacturer of precision machinery

    In line with the concept of "manufacturing the world's leading precision machines", we actively promote the global development of products and strive to create high-tech development enterprises based on intellectual property rights.At the same time, we enrich the domestic and foreign production, sales, maintenance, after-sales service system, on the basis of improving CS(customer satisfaction) to promote "SR brand" to the world.

    The market demand

    Computers, home appliances, communication machines, acoustics, optical products, vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, etc.)...Many indispensable machines are needed in every field of life and industry today.We have been researching and developing the stamping machinery for the production of precision metal forming parts used in these products for many years.In order to adapt to the complex shape parts and high precision parts processing needs.Especially in the development of skills and design aspects that require careful treatment, we pay attention to and try our best to realize every requirement of users, so we have gained extensive trust from customers.At the same time, we have also obtained the international quality ISO9001 certification, to ensure that the quality of products fully reach the world's first-class level.

    Technical ability

    We constantly to the newer, more difficult challenge, relying on strong manufacturing technology capabilities, the development of both safety and high performance, high reliability of the punch.We developed the punch not only in the design technology, but also in the processing technology, assembly technology and other production of a full range of strict quality management, and then to achieve commercialization.