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How much is a high-speed punching machine, the latest model of Shuoer punching machine manufacturer

Nov,06,2019 << Return list

    How much is a high-speed punching machine? Many customers who need to purchase punching equipment are very concerned. In recent years, the   demand for high-speed punching machines has increased. In the past, it was enough to have a punching machine, but later it was enough to be able to automate production. But now it is high-speed automation to satisfy. Therefore, the choice of high-speed stamping machines is becoming more and more critical. Shuoer Punch is an international large-scale punching machine company, here to share with you the introduction of high-speed punching press.

High-speed punching machine


  1. Specifications and quality of high-speed presses
   There are many specifications for high-speed punching machines. Generally, it is almost 360 tons if they are larger. There are many specifications, but the most commonly used are 10 tons, 25 tons, 45 tons, 60 tons, and 80 tons. High-speed punching machines are used more. Shuoer high-speed punching machine manufacturers have been able to achieve 1,000 tons from 3 tons. The quality of the high-speed stamping machine is very reliable, using imported parts, there will be no maintenance for ten years. Adopting international production standards, each process is produced in strict accordance with the standards.

High-speed punching machine

   2. The price and value of high-speed stamping machines
   The price of high-speed presses is not very expensive. Some are very affordable. Generally, it is only a little more expensive than the ordinary steel plate punching machine, because the body strength is higher, the motor power is stronger, and the accessories are stronger, so there are reasons for the price. But the value is far higher. The stamping speed of a high-speed stamping machine is twice or higher than that of an ordinary stamping machine. The value is reflected here, and the value retention rate of the high-speed stamping machine is also much higher.

High-speed punching machine

   3. Reasons for choosing Shuoer high-speed punching machine
   There are many high-speed stamping machine manufacturers, countless all over the country, but many customers choose Shuoer's high-speed precision stamping machine because it is different from other stamping machine manufacturers. First of all, the degree of durability is far higher. The accessories used are different from other domestic brands, and they are further processed. All external purchases are of well-known brands or imported brands, which are not found in brands of the same level. Moreover, the price of Shuoer high-speed punching machine is the most affordable in the industry, which caters to the standard of mass consumption, so many customers purchase Shuoer high-speed punching machine brand.