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GT series 15 tons-150 tons

GT series 15 tons-150 tons

Performance characteristics:
    The toggle punching machine maximizes the characteristics of the toggle mechanism and has the characteristics of simple mechanism, large capacity, high rigidity and good thermal balance.
    Equipped with a fully opposed balancer to minimize the height displacement of the closed mold caused by the change of SPM and the displacement of the bottom dead center of the first stamping and secondary stamping.
    The balance mechanism with the left and right components offsetting each other, the double plunger 8-sided needle roller guide and the double guide further improve the eccentric load capacity of the slider.
    Equipped with a long-life, low-noise new non-backlash clutch brake to achieve quieter operation.
    The left and right dimensions of the working table are 1100mm for 60 tons, 1350mm for 60 tons wide, 1200mm for 80 tons wide, and 1500mm for .0 tons wide, which are the widest in their respective product series.
    The operability is improved by using functions such as the lengthening of the slider adjustment and the electronic knob type crank angle display.

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