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MS-A series 3 tons -25 tons

MS-A series 3 tons -25 tons

Classical appearance design, advanced German manufacturing technology, intelligent and expandable human-machine interface digital system.
Humanized and convenient mold adjustment device, safe and reliable clutch and brake system.
The high-efficiency and energy-saving productivity of the precision multi-cylinder guidance system can be perfectly combined with various automated production lines.

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Scope of application:

    Suitable for all kinds of electronic, electrical appliances, mobile phone special foot pads, silicone stickers, Velcro, conductive adhesive, strong double-sided adhesive and other adhesive materials; cotton, high-density sponge, filter cotton, non-woven fabrics and other dust-proof materials; back glue Pad rubber foot pads, 3M, PORON pads, high foam and other shock-proof products such as copper/aluminum foil, PET, PvC, kraft paper, sponge sheaths and other insulating materials; heat insulation cotton, transparent mica sheets and other insulating materials.