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C2N: 110 tons - 250 tons

C2N: 110 tons - 250 tons

Small mold height change, small dynamic center deviation
Mold life is greatly improved
Small deformation of stamping
Low cutting noise

Realization of high precision machining
Low noise realization
Convenient operation realization

Fixed six-sided road
High rigid body
Low comprehensive clearance

Product Details


Shuoer Machinery C2N Series Double Crank Precision Steel Frame Punch Model Range: C2N-110~250 Tons
Application range: Generally suitable for blanking, punching, bending, forming of medium-sized, continuous die or single-engineering thin steel plate parts, and can be used for single-punching, continuous die, robot connection or adding conveying system.

Model features:
The high-rigidity frame can bear larger eccentric load.
The precision transmission mechanism ensures the long-term accuracy of the punch.
Multifunctional design, can be matched with various automation devices.
Complete man-machine protection device, in line with safety punch standards.

Punch configuration (standard):
Hydraulic overload protection device
Manual slider adjustment device (C2N60 and below 60)
Electric slider adjusting device (above C2N60)
Mechanical mold height indicator (C2N60 and below 60)
Electric mold height indicator (below C2N60)
Slider and mold balance device
Travel cam switch
Crankshaft angle indicator
Air source connector
Two-degree fall protection device
Maintenance tools and toolbox
user's manual

Punch configuration (optional):
Electric grease lubrication device
Pneumatic mold pad device
Frequency converter
Pre-cut counter tool
Pre-break counter
Foot switch
Mold lighting device
Upper part punching device of slider
Misfeed detection device
Power outlet
Shockproof feet
Photoelectric protection device, feeder (air, mechanical and Nc types)
Leveling machine
Quick die change device (die lifter, die clamp or die arm)

Technical parameters of C2N series double crank precision steel frame punch